PCB of FRWD F-series GPS - Top layer

top layer


  1. Bluetooth antenna (assumption)
  2. Sarantel GeoHelix-S active GPS antenna
  3. OBO Pro.2 OBO-40AL1 magnetic buzzer
  4. Intersema air pressure sensor
  5. Push button for the UI
  6. DIP-switches, purpose?
  7. ST LX C250 STMicroelectronics
  8. Two LEDs for UI
  9. One UI LED
  10. Texas Instruments LM2904 dual op-amp
  11. STMicroelectronics 2903 Z513, low power dual voltage comparator?
  12. Texas Instruments LM2904 dual op-amp
  13. Texas Instruments LM2904 dual op-amp

Bottom layer

bottom layer


  1. Fastrax iTrax02/08 GPS receiver
  2. Heart rate receiver (assumption)
  3. Radiating section of the GPS antenna
  4. National Semiconductor LMX9820ASM Bluetooth serial port module
  5. Air pressure sensor, front side
  6. SG-3032 4233Q, Epson Electronics 32.758 kHz oscillator
  7. 7555 IBA P336AXH, timer?

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