In the past I have worked with music content analysis with signal processing methods. Currently, my work is related to more general audio signal processing.

The research focus of my post-graduate studies was transcribing the drum tracks of normal polyphonic music automatically, and analysing the sectional form of musical pieces. On a more general level I am interested in audio content analysis with signal processing methods (computer audition) including modelling of the auditory process, feature extraction, supervised and unsupervised classification, higher-level modelling, and more complex analysis algorithm design. Currently I am interested in applying all the methods learned so far in some new problems, so if you have an interesting problem, maybe we could collaborate to solve it.


Here is a list of my academic publications. Pdf versions of some of the publications are provided here for private use only. See each publication for more detailed copyright information. All presentation slides and posters are provided also for private use only. And here is the mandatory disclaimer for IEEE copyrighted material:

For the citation information, you can check, e.g., my Google Scholar page.

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These are some notes I've made mainly for myself when tinkering with some small pieces of software and/or hardware for my own amusement. This should be noted when reading the provided information. (Also, should you try to follow the instructions or utilise any of the provided info in any way, you are doing it with your own risk.)


You should be able to contact me via email at jouni<dot>paulus<at>iki<dot>fi.

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